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"Tzatziki" English

"Tzatziki" English

It is “Tzatziki” time! This traditional Greek dip simply refers to greek yogurt mixed with cucumber and herbs. 

This dip is almost always served with the greek souvlaki or gyros. 

Preparation time: 15 min 

Portions : 4 persons 



Follow the these simple 5 steps to make this traditional Greek dip and amaze your guests:

  1. Wash the cucumber thoroughly and grate with a cheese grater using the large blades.

  2. Drain the cucumber by using a colander and a fork. Add the salt and set aside to release its liquid.

  3. Prepare the yogurt mixture by adding the mix for tzatziki and the olive oil into the yogurt.

  4. Mix the cucumber with the yogurt mixture and add the vinegar. Mix until it is combinated and creamy.

    Tip: Add extra garlic, if needed.

  5. Refrigerate until needed.    

Before serving, add 2-3 Greek olives on the top of the tzatziki and sprinkle with some drops of Greek extra virgin olive oil. Enjoy your homemade tzatziki with Greek pita bread!

Kali oreksi/ Enjoy your homemade tzatziki!

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