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Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!
Fortællinger fra Kreta | 15

Tales from Crete | 15

As it hardly comes to mind for some, I am often in Crete, both as a tour guide on Elena's Group Tours and when negotiating with various suppliers, but also when my wife and I go on holiday. It's probably the case that we don't really know that many other places or are that interested in seeking out anything other than the Greek.

From both customers, suppliers and others, I often get the question why the store is actually called Elenas. Most people know that Elena is a Greek name, but what does it mean and where does it come from.

Elena is indeed a Greek name meaning: sunbeam or shining light. But Helena (as it is also spelled) was described according to Greek mythology as the most beautiful woman in all of Hellas. The reason was that she was the daughter of Zeus, who had turned into a swan when he got Helena's mother, Leda, pregnant. Therefore Helena was beautiful and white as a swan and born from a swan's egg.

It can hardly be said more poetically and it is one of those stories that the Greeks know very well, so it is very understandable that they are curious about the name in connection with our business. But it is now more simple than the otherwise very picturesque Greek mythology. The reason why our business is called Elena's is that from the start we wanted a name that, like in Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale about the ugly duckling that was transformed into a white swan, could bring to mind that you can do whatever you want, if you fight hard enough for it. Completely in line with the general Greek mentality. The fact that Elena, in addition to her beauty, is the one who brings out the best in others and holds everything together, and not least the family, also suits our business very well.

Well, of course there is also the small curiosity that my wife's name is Elena :-)

So from Elenas and the Halle family, I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and then go on Christmas break here from my little blog. But I promise to return with new Tales from Crete on January 4, 2019.

Michael Hall

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