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Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!
Fortællinger fra Kreta | 51

Tales from Crete | 51

This week I have had the pleasure of taking no less than 8 ladies on a trip and giving them an insight into some of the things that I myself love about Crete. Some of my acquaintances down here had previously expressed great concern about how things were going to turn out, while others whom we have met on our way have, with a smile in their eyes, addressed me as king and even emperor when I came walking along like that 8 the ladies.

I don't know if I had any real expectations for the trip and naturally just tried to give them a good holiday experience down here, but in no way felt like either king or emperor.

On Saturday morning, the first of the ladies arrived from Copenhagen, and since the rest of the group were all from Jutland, the Copenhagen lady and I quickly agreed that we had to stand a little together with our capital's dialect, as we both were, and I immediately took the opportunity to appoint her as tour guide assistant. She didn't find out what the job entailed until a little later, when she was given the task of standing with Elena's Group Trips sign outstretched and scouting for the rest of the group. Good distribution of work, I thought, because you easily get a sore arm from standing with the sign if there is too much time from the first passengers on the plane coming out of the arrivals hall until everyone has received their luggage and the group is gathered, and she seemed very ready to take up that challenge. Call me selfish, but truth be told, it was as much her own idea, and it was now very amusing to see her standing in a fluttering summer dress as a better tour guide with the much younger guides from Spies, Ving, TUI, Apollo or whatever they are all called, who also squinted enviously at her professional handling of the welcome sign.

"Go out the door and then 400 meters to the right, there is my colleague standing and welcoming you and showing you which bus you are taking. Have a nice holiday" said the very young guide from one of the other travel companies in broken Danish/Swedish to the several hundred Scandinavian guests she had to welcome, and not many understood what she said. Earlier in the day, when I myself had to pick up our guest from Copenhagen, I had stood and talked to her and tried to confuse her a little (mischievous as I am) by saying that it wasn't 400 meters, and it really mattered which exit door was used, and that our small bus was also to the left of the exit. I have managed to confuse one of the young guides before, so that they suddenly send their guests the wrong way, and then I have to hurry up and step in, so that her hundreds of guests don't suddenly stand by our 9-person bus and fighting for a place. But things went completely wrong for this young guide, when a young couple turned up and neither knew which hotel they should stay at nor had booked a transfer, but had to take a taxi instead. It's really not easy to have to take a Taxi to a hotel you have no idea where it is and don't even know the name of. But they just got the same message and then first had to trudge the 400 meters (or however much it is) down to the big transfer buses, to be told where they were to be accommodated, and then trudge the same distance back, when Taxi' are held just outside the arrivals hall. When the very young, otherwise very lively, smiling and sweet guide heard what I was actually doing, she said that it was just such trips that she would like to be a guide on. "It's so nice" she said: "and then you can just say anything to them (ie the guests), because they don't know if what you say is right or wrong anyway". Okay, her chances of becoming a tour guide at Elena's seem to have gone in one fell swoop. 

Well, the last of the ladies in the group came out smiling and my newly appointed tour guide assistant welcomed them all kindly. They were quite surprised that it wasn't me who accepted, but they quickly got over that, and everyone thought it was a bit festive that it was someone from the group who accepted. The week with the "Ladies Tour" and the mature ladies has gone absolutely fantastic, but without saying too much, I can admit that at times it has required her husband to manage 8 women, since for some reason (which I don't understand) go in separate directions as soon as they get off the bus, get lost in the monastery, so I have to go through the whole trip again, only to find out they're all standing outside waiting for me anyway, get lost in the middle in Chania town, so I have to go out and look, despite the fact that the ladies themselves had sent relays out beforehand to rally the troops, and they have been talking offhand about all kinds of things at once, so it has sometimes been difficult to enter a word. But when they have had their fill of experiences, and we turn the minibus around and drive home, they can sit still and not say a word. Right until there is a well-laid table with some wine glasses and the food comes in. Then it's in full swing again and the most used words are "Uhmm, uhmm how does it taste, you're not giving me anything else :-) - Yes, it's absolutely true what the men say about the ladies down here as well as so many others places – that you should not try to understand women at all, but just accept that fortunately there is a difference.

Yes, the ladies on the Ladies Tour, it has really been a pleasure to have you along and I will also look forward to seeing you down here again another good time.

And for those of you who haven't been on the "Ladies' Trip" myself, I just need to recuperate myself for half a year or more and then it is not out of the question that we do a ladies' trip to Crete again.

Have a really nice weekend    

Tales from Crete | Elena's - The taste of Greece

  1. The picture for this little story was taken in a lucky moment, when all the ladies had gathered by themselves and enjoyed a glass of wine together, before they had to go out on their own and say: "Uhmm - Uhmm, how good it tastes.
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