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Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!
Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!
Fortællinger fra Kreta | 61

Tales from Crete | 61

It has become Thursday evening and I have sat down at the computer to write my story for tomorrow. It happens once in a while that I don't get it written so that it can be on the page this Friday morning, but then I will also be happy to hear about it. If it's not from Victor, who, as you know, is not only my son, but also my boss, then I'll probably hear it from some of you readers, who seem to have gotten into a regular routine of reading my stories on Friday mornings.

Well, today I'll probably make it, so I won't get any comments that I'm a little late this time. It's been tough this whole week, because we've had to get all the logistics in place with the many tons of oranges we have on the way home, and it's not exactly the easiest thing in the world. But it has succeeded, and right now, as I sit here and write, the large refrigerated van from Freja has been loaded and the driver can slowly start heading north, so he can be with us in Hem, hopefully on Thursday. Then we have just a day and a half to check all the oranges and avocados and be ready for the customers to flock in as early as Saturday morning 7/12 to pick up their pre-ordered items.

It's the same show every single year when we have to get oranges home and I don't think there has been a single year where there haven't been unforeseen challenges. This year, the weather was simply too good for us to pick the oranges, which needed some more water, and when the necessary rain came, it was an earthquake in the sea, less than 50 km west of Kissamos, as well as a couple other earthquakes near Albania that gave uncertainty as to whether the transport should go up through Italy or the slightly longer drive east. Fortunately, we have an extremely experienced freight forwarding company to handle our transports, so we don't have to worry so much about this sort of thing, and luckily they have as much experience or probably more than we do in working with Greeks and know them well and truly. bad, because something unforeseen often happens that needs to be decided here and now, and they can do that.

So when I go to bed tonight, it is with great relief that I have once again managed to pick the fresh oranges, sort and pack them, then transport them the first distance from Crete to Athens, and then load them on the refrigerated van to Denmark. It is also a relief because I know how many orders there are from customers who just want to get hold of these beautiful oranges from the first harvest, just like ourselves. But they will probably arrive in time, so that everyone can face Christmas with delicious sweet juicy oranges from Crete, I think I can promise that. Now all the responsibility rests on just one of the drivers from Freja, who must sit in the cab of the truck and drive it safely up through Europe for the last 3,000 km.

Now we are of course looking forward to the oranges landing in Hem safe and sound, but we are also looking forward to seeing the driver's enthusiasm when, as the very first thing when he arrives, we inspect the load and take the first oranges and give them to him. It, like so many other things, has also become a tradition, because he has had to sit all these kilometers and hold on to his skin, knowing that he is driving around with a load of the most delicious Christmas oranges, so it must of course be rewarded. If it's one of the Greek drivers who comes, it's especially funny, because when they see the Greek flags in front of the shop and then enter our warehouse, they're always excited by the selection of Greek goods on display, but it's also very understandable. Some of them say that it is just like coming home, except for the weather, which in Denmark at this time of year is close to freezing, while in Crete it is still 22-23 degrees and beautiful sunshine.

Yes, I know where I would rather be right now :-)

Should you now feel like tasting these magnificent oranges, I can only recommend that you come to Hem on Saturday 7/12, where we hold our annual "Orange Day", and even if you have not pre-ordered, we have made sure that have many boxes in surplus, so there should probably be enough for everyone.

Happy Advent - hope to see you on 7/12.

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