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Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!
Fortællinger fra Kreta | 74

Tales from Crete | 74

Yes, it was Friday again and once again you have to be burdened with a little story from me, and it is unfortunately not one of the most encouraging today.

In the last few weeks, thousands of migrants have made a pilgrimage to the Greek/Turkish border because Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Friday that Turkey had "opened the doors" to migrants in the country. This meant that the Turks would no longer stop the migrants on their way to the promised EU and Europe. But Greece, which is the EU's outer border, had not opened the border to the EU, and therefore there were many confrontations.

According to the UN, there are currently more than 13,000 migrants gathered at the border with Greece and the Greek authorities are on high alert to ensure illegal immigration. It is rumored that another 76,000 migrants are on their way to the border, but this is a figure that has only been confirmed by Turkey.

What is right or wrong, I don't have to think about at all and in the end it is a political issue, which can also easily in itself give rise to serious disagreements in the political arena, especially in the EU, where for an extraordinary emergency meeting in Croatia, where EU foreign ministers are to discuss the situation.

According to the Greek authorities, most of the migrants they are currently apprehending at the border are from Afghanistan. The Afghans have worse conditions in Turkey, where they find it more difficult to get a residence permit. But the war in Syria in particular has weighed heavily on the Turks, who currently host around 3.7 million Syrian refugees. In addition, the recent fierce fighting in northern Syria has caused even more Syrians to seek the neighboring country.

These are frightening images of people on the run that you see daily on TV, on the internet and on the front pages of newspapers. People fleeing war and destruction, only to face physical resistance and be stripped of their possessions. A truth with clear references to what millions of people had to go through during the Second World War.

Do we humans never become wiser, and is it completely impossible to imagine a world where we as humans can live together in security and harmony. No, we probably don't and yes, it is apparently an impossible notion.

Everything is about having power, about outdoing each other, being better, faster, smarter, making more money than the neighbor, etc. But in the end that kind of power and desire has no meaning whatsoever, because the day we are 7 cubits below earth, that power no longer matters. It had just as little meaning when we were born. Completely naked with no protection other than the one we got from our parents. The only kind of power we strictly need as human beings is the power of love, and it is the only kind of power that we quickly detach ourselves from throughout life, only to end up in the same place in the end.

In my young days they were the Love, peace and harmony symbols that were painted on the house walls. We young people then wanted peace on earth and wanted to live our lives tolerably with everyone else regardless of nationality, color and sex. In 1986 I helped arrange and produce a vinyl record entitled "Peace on Earth" for the benefit of Unisef. We gathered a number of artists from Scandinavia and recorded the record over a few days. A quite honorable result came out of it and with it (which you can hear here: ) I would like to wish us all a nice peaceful weekend and hope that one day we can come to experience "Peace on Earth" and only be obsessed with the "Power of Love" which, as it is written, surpasses everything.

PS The quality of the record is unfortunately very poor, but it is a record that originates from a radio station that has apparently played it many times.

Tales from Crete | Elena's - The taste of Greece

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