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Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!
Fortællinger fra Kreta | 75

Tales from Crete | 75

Friday again and again time for a story and believe me, today will be a short one of its kind.

Denmark, like large parts of the rest of the world, is CLOSED - quite literally. What we thought was improbable and something that could only happen in science fiction films and otherwise belongs on the bookshelf under fiction, has suddenly come very close. It has become our everyday life, at least for the next few weeks. Something we have to deal with whether we like it or not.

On Thursday morning, when I spoke to my good friend Manthos in Crete, there was an infected person in Crete. Today, Friday morning, there were two infected, and now at the time of writing, Friday at At 11:00 there are three infected. Just like in Denmark, pretty much everything is closed down on Crete. Schools, daycare centers, universities, the public sector, assemblies etc. are closed for the next 2 weeks and everyone is encouraged to stay at home until the danger has passed. When it will be, it is probably impossible to guess both in Crete and here at home, because although the number of infected people in Crete is far less than in Denmark, it is my personal opinion that right now there are not many places in the world where you can feel completely safe. The world is low and we are fighting a virus we have no experience with and sufficient knowledge of.

We think we as humans are so enlightened and knowledgeable. We think we can manage and control everything. We think we are the most evolved individuals on this planet, we think, we think, we think. But after all, we don't know very much and that's why it comes as a shock to us when the unexpected, what we believed was unlikely, is suddenly a part of our everyday life that we are forced to deal with.

But as a Greek proverb says: "Everything changes, but nothing passes away" and yes, we also come out of the current situation wiser than we entered it, and as another proverb says: "After rain comes sunshine ”.

Let's all take care of each other, show understanding and be considerate, and it will probably be sunny again on both Crete and here in Denmark.

Have a nice weekend       

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