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Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!
Fortællingen om Agia Triada

The story of Agia Triada

Back in 1632, two brothers from the Venetian Zangaroli family traveled to Crete, where they built the impressive architecture, Agia Triada Monastery, which still stands today.
The two brothers had converted to the Orthodox faith, and built the monastery on top of a pre-existing church, which is of Byzantine cruciform architecture. This type of architecture is known for the fact that the buildings (in this case churches) have three domes.
To this day, the monks themselves are responsible for the production of everything from the wine to the olive oil, which makes the products extra nostalgic!
It must actually be said that when you drive into the monastery through a dirt road, you have all the olive trees on your right, while you have all the vines on your left.
This impressive monastery is clearly a "Go" to visit if you are on a trip to Crete!🇬🇷
And of course it must also be said that we have several of their products here at Elenas.
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