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Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!
Dakos (Ntakos)

Dakos (Ntakos)

A traditional vegetarian starter from the island of Crete, perfect to start with, for the small hunger or for a light dinner. The secret behind the perfect ntakos is to use juicy, fresh stem tomatoes.

Garnished or bathed in plenty of good quality extra virgin olive oil of course.

Portions: 2-4 people


4 pieces of paximadia
2-3 large tomatoes
1 dl Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil , possibly more
200 g of feta
4-12 black olives salt


  1. Rinse your paximadia quickly under the tap and place them on the dish or plate you want to serve your ntakos on.
  2. Rinse your tomatoes before coarsely grating them on a grater or cutting them into very small pieces with a knife.
  3. Pour the tomato pieces into a sieve and sprinkle with salt.
  4. Let them stand for a while so that most of the liquid can drain.
  5. When much of the liquid has drained from the tomatoes, mix the tomatoes with half the olive oil, salt, pepper and taste.
  6. Crumble your feta in a bowl.
  7. Now it's time to assemble your Ntakos.
  8. Place a good amount of tomato on your paximadia, followed by the cheese. On top, decorate with olives, dried oregano or fresh herbs and, of course, a generous amount of extra virgin olive oil.
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Lone - September 21, 2022
En god opskrift på hjemmelavede originale paximadia? Jeg vil helst selv lave alt det jeg kan ;)

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