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Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!

Feta cheese

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Feta is a classic from Greek cuisine, and the tasty, sheep's milk-based cheese can be used in countless dishes, where it contributes lots of umami to the food. Try our real Greek feta and experience for yourself the amazing properties of feta.

Are feta cheese and salad cheese the same?

Many people confuse feta and salad cheese and think that the two types of cheese are one and the same product. That is not the case. A real Greek feta is always produced in Greece and has a more intense and distinctive taste than the Danish-produced salad cheese. The difference in taste is due to the fact that Greek feta is based on sheep's or goat's milk, where salad cheese is always produced from cow's milk. The two products cannot therefore be compared, and we hope that you will treat yourself to the taste of genuine Greek feta cheese, which is therefore simply something special.

What can I use Greek feta for in cooking?

Feta is, depending on the type, a semi-hard or hard cheese that is easily cut into slices or cubes. This makes it suitable for several purposes in cooking, where it is particularly popular as a topping on salads or, for example, on pizza or pasta. In Greece, it is traditionally enjoyed as it is, with a good drizzle of olive oil on top, and here there is nothing to stop you from using the tasty feta as a snack if you just can't get enough of the characteristic taste and texture of the feta cheese.

Buy real Greek feta online

If you swear by the authentic Greek feta, the selection from Elenas will be just the thing for you. We bring the taste of Greece home to your kitchen with feta products from, among others, Olympus, which guarantees feta of the highest quality. Discover the full selection here and order your favorites today so you can soon conjure up an authentic Greek meal that will truly pamper the taste buds and make the teeth water.