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Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!
Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!

Elena's Late Summer Tour 2023

Elena's Late Summer Tour 2023

With Elenas on a late summer trip to Crete!

The trip is actually sold out - but if you would like to join this trip, call Michael at Elena's on 70231201 and we will see if we can still help.

As many are probably aware, we had to announce that our Easter Tour 2023 was sold out only 5 days after we had put it up for sale. We are very grateful for that and are of course very much looking forward to going to Crete at Easter with a group of guests. If you were among those who didn't manage to book yourself on the Easter trip, you now have the opportunity again, albeit on a slightly different, but no less exciting trip – our Late Summer tour.

The late summer tour departs from Aalborg, Billund and Copenhagen from 23/9-23 to 30/9-23 .

Before the Corona, we had several late summer trips with 8 guests at a time. These tours were all sold out quickly. In 2023, we only have one Late Summer tour, where we can, on the other hand, have more guests (around 20-30 guests) and still maintain the cozy and close relationship that exists with smaller groups, where you invariably easily meet new as well as familiar ones faces and, for some, make new acquaintances.

Once again, there are exciting included excursions, and we dare to promise that even if you have previously been on one of our trips to Crete, you will definitely experience something on the Late Summer tour that we have not included on the program before. So regardless of whether you have previously been on one of our trips, the Late Summer Tour is definitely something for you if, like us, you love Greece.

We listen to our guests

After several trips with happy guests, we have very happily also received very positive feed-back. Especially on previous Late Summer tours , however, we have experienced that several of our guests would like to have a little more time to relax on the beach, by the pool or just enjoy life on the balcony, terrace or in the hotel's large garden. What we hear is that our guests do not want to miss our excursions. Therefore, we have chosen to reduce the number of excursions slightly and in return make them even more interesting and change them to full-day trips, which thereby provide better opportunities for a little relaxation between excursions.

Find the departure that suits you by pressing "Book a trip here" and book your trip before it also sells out.

The technical travel organizer is Apollo Rejser, Amager Strandvej 390, 4., 2770 Kastrup, CVR. 17435930, Member of the Rejsegarantifonden no. 0830, to whom you are transferred when booking a trip.

Discount codes for use when purchasing goods at Elenas CANNOT be used when booking travel.

What comes with:

  • Flights from Copenhagen, Billund or Aalborg, hand luggage included + 1 pc. checked baggage (20 kg) per traveler
  • Direct transport to/from the hotel from the airport
  • Accommodation in double rooms at the 3-star Hotel Atrion, Agia Marina ( see video of the hotel here )
  • Large breakfast buffet and dinner buffet every day
  • 3 x Lunches with drinks incl. the excursions.
  • 1 x party dinner (incl. drinks)
  • Excursion trips included in the trip:
    Cooking class in Chania with traditional Cretan dishes.
    Mountain tour in comfortable 4-wheel tractors all the way to where the crows call and the goats and their shepherds are the nearest neighbours.
    Through some of the Therisso gorge in 4-wheel drive.
    Wine tasting and lunch at Manousakis Winery.
    City tour to Chania with sightseeing, shopping and final lunch (included).

In addition, there are 2½ days of "free days" where you can relax by the pool, go out on your own or perhaps just enjoy it with a good book in the shade of the large palm trees that surround the hotel.

Reservations are made for moving days for excursions and changes in the program as a result of weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

On Saturday, the trip goes home again after a week full of experiences, good impressions and many new acquaintances.

Throughout the trip, it is Elena's founder and founder, Michael Halle, who is the host and guide , so you are in safe hands 24/7.
Through countless trips and longer stays on Crete, Michael has a great knowledge of life before and now on the beautiful island and knows God and every man on especially the western side of Crete, which the trip goes to.

Almost EVERYTHING has been upgraded

Based on the many positive feedbacks we received on our previous group trips, we have adjusted and adapted the trip so that there is plenty of time for everything and so that you can have the best holiday imaginable.

Almost everything has been upgraded at the same time, so that we now live in a comfortable 3-star hotel , use a 4-star VIP bus for our excursions, have more lunches and have room for more participants. We expect to have up to 20-25 guests on this tour. In fact, you only have to provide lunch yourself for 3 days - the rest is included in the price. And the price, yes, that's the only thing that hasn't been upgraded. It is largely unchanged compared to before.

Practical information

At the bottom, under practical information, you will find a direct link to our co-organizer Apollo Rejser , who is responsible for the booking itself. This ensures that you are of course also insured through the Travel Guarantee Fund. Press the link "Book travel here" at the bottom of the page.

A deposit of DKK 1,400 must be paid per travelers (+ possibly additional order of cancellation insurance/travel insurance, if desired). The remaining part must be paid no later than 60 days before departure. Payment specification appears when ordering.

We reserve the right to cancel the trip and thus refund the full amount paid if the trip cannot be completed due to reason, force majeure or other external circumstances.

We point out that travelers follow all possible Corona restrictions, which will be communicated by direct mail to all travelers.

Meeting time on departure is no later than 2 hours before departure.

The trip day by day


On arrival in Crete, you will be picked up at the airport by a representative from Elenas, who will take you to your hotel, where you will be assigned rooms and given the opportunity to unpack. As we arrive in Crete from 3 different Danish airports, we also have 3 different arrival times. Therefore, there will only be an information meeting about the trip on Sunday immediately after breakfast.

Those who have an early arrival in Crete will have a buffet dinner on Saturday evening at the hotel. Likewise, those who have a late departure from Crete will be able to have a dinner buffet before departure from Crete.


We start the day with a hearty breakfast in pleasant company, so that we are ready for the first excursions that await. Depending on the number of guests, we drive in one or two teams on the first excursion destination. If we are divided into two teams, one team will travel by bus to the course: Traditional Greek Cooking" where we will have to pick the fruits and vegetables that will be used for the food in a garden in Chania and under expert guidance. It must then be prepared in the traditional way to be eaten with some of the good Greek wine. If you are into weaving, there is also the opportunity to gain an insight into the old weaving methods and take part in the production of the beautiful handwoven textiles. The trip lasts approx. 7 hours.

The second trip (which the other team will go on) is a mountain trip in 4-wheel drive in De Hvide Bjerge at 1400 meters where we will visit one of the shepherds who live in the mountains all summer and look after his goats. Here we will also have the story of the genuine Greek Graviere cheese but the goats that have supplied the milk, grazing freely around us. The excursion also offers a trip through the Therisso gorge, which is the only gorge in Crete where you can drive a car…..if it is 4-wheel drive. The excursion ends with wine tasting and a light lunch at one of Crete's best wineries, Manousakis, before trips back to the hotel.


Monday offers largely the same program as Sunday's program, with the difference that the two teams we may be divided into change, so that both teams experience both the Traditional Greek Cooking Course and the trip with 4-hole pullers to an altitude of 1400 meters in the White Mountains.

If we are not divided into two teams, one trip is run on Sunday and the other trip on Monday, so EVERYONE gets the opportunity to participate in both trips, each of which is approx. 7 hours duration.


The first day without any real program other than that, like all other days, is a large breakfast buffet at the hotel. Otherwise, the day is free to enjoy life and relax, go for walks, go to one of the nearby towns or whatever you like. This is also where you can see or revisit some of the other beautiful places found in western Crete.

The evening is rounded off with a dinner buffet at the hotel for those who wish.


When we have all had breakfast and are ready, the bus will take us to Chania, where we will tour the old town with all its unique places, architectural diversity, walk through the Turkish and Byzantine quarter, see the sights, the beautiful Trimatiri Cathedral, through the leather street with all the stalls, have the opportunity to shop and perhaps enjoy a frappe or Greek coffee at a sidewalk cafe, before we gather for lunch somewhere in the old town, where we are spoiled with several delicious Cretan and Greek dishes kitchen.

After this, the trip goes back to the hotel after another day with one on the experience.

Since we don't want our guests to go to bed hungry, there is of course a dinner buffet again at the hotel, if it is eventually possible to squeeze in a bit more.

Otherwise, the evening is intended for relaxing shared fun for those who want to.


As usual, the day starts at the breakfast table, but it is up to each individual when they want to have breakfast, because Thursday is largely free to do whatever they want. It may be about pure relaxation and digesting the impressions the previous day has given, a trip in the pool or along the beach, or perhaps just a good book in a sun lounger in the garden under a palm tree.

Since many of our guests have typically visited Crete several times, there may also be places you would like to see again or people you would like to greet. That is why we at Elenas have ensured that, by prior agreement, a rental car will be available at the hotel, from one of our partners, at an extremely reasonable price, so that you can go out on your own and explore exactly what you want.


Most of Friday is like Thursday for free use and relaxation (it is a holiday trip after all 😊)

However, the last evening must end in style and it will be when we meet at Romeos Taverne for a feast with drinks ad libitum with the food.


On Saturday we will leave the hotel in 2-3 teams to reach the respective departures. Those who have a late departure will be able to partake in the dinner buffet in the evening before taking the bus.

We have to be out of our rooms during the morning, but for those who have to leave only in the evening, rooms will be arranged for storage, changing and showering.

What does it cost?

The price for this trip is from NOK 10,995
(The price is per person for 2 people in the same room on the same booking)

A deposit of DKK 1,400 must be paid per travelers (+ possibly additional order of cancellation insurance/travel insurance, if desired). The remaining part must be paid no later than 60 days before departure. Payment specification appears when ordering.

Technical travel organizer: Apollo Rejser, Amager Strandvej 390, 4., 2770 Kastrup, CVR. 17435930, Member of the Travel Guarantee Fund no. 0830.

Discount codes for use when purchasing goods at Elenas CANNOT be used when booking travel.

The trip is SOLD OUT and the order link is therefore not working.

Did you/you not manage to book the trip in time?... so call Michael on 70231201 - so we can see if we can find a place anyway.



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