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Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!
Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!
Fortællinger fra Kreta | 14

Tales from Crete | 14

On Saturday we had the shop full of people all day for our traditional orange day and most of the Halle family were busy handing out the sweet Greek Christmas oranges and showing off everything else we have in the shop all day.

On a day like this, when the whole store smells of the delicious Greek Christmas oranges and is full to bursting point with happy customers who like to spend a lot of time enjoying themselves while they are there, the conversation almost inevitably falls on all the beauty of Crete and the many other beautiful Greek islands. It is a bit as if it is one big family that meets every year on Orange Day and each one starts Christmas on that particular day. One can get the impression that the many visitors to the store on that particular day really start to think about next year's holiday trip to Greece, and it wouldn't surprise me if some don't spend the weekend studying various offers from the various tour operators, with a fresh, delicious Christmas orange within reach.

But it is not only the customers who are looking forward to summer again and looking forward to the holiday trip to Greece. The rest of us, who work with both Greek products and travel on a daily basis, feel exactly the same way. You can hardly wait until you have to leave again and even if you are an adult, you look forward to it just like children look forward to Christmas Eve. It is then true Christmas cheer and happy anticipation :-)

Personally, I am looking forward to next year's first group trip, where I will take a small team to Crete, and they will experience the authentic Greek Easter up close. But there are also many other trips and courses in the spring and autumn that I am looking forward to hosting.

At the beginning of the new year, I will hold some information evenings about Crete and the trips we have there in Elena's Group Travels, so if you want to come to one of these information evenings, just sign up as soon as the dates will be published.

If you prefer to travel alone, I can reveal that we are working on making it possible to book plane tickets and/or hotels at very favorable prices, even in high season. But you can read more about all of that by following us on Facebook or getting our newsletter sent, which you can sign up for here on the website.

And then I think that right now I just want to sink my teeth into one of the good Christmas oranges that we have saved for ourselves, and then otherwise let my thoughts fly.

Have a nice weekend.

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