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Fortællinger fra Kreta | 27

Tales from Crete | 27

An authentic Greek evening!

I usually say that if you haven't experienced an authentic Greek evening, when you e.g. have been on holiday in Crete or elsewhere in Greece, you have not been there at all. And here I'm not just thinking of the kind of Greek evening that travel agencies typically organize at various taverns, where the individual guests sit at their own table and each order their own dinner, and then later in the evening watch a bit of Zorba dancing or other Greek folk dancing. No, I'm thinking of the traditional Greek party, where everyone sits at the same table, gets the same dishes from Mezedes, enjoys themselves together, talks cross-wordly and helps to shape the party themselves.

But before I tell you more about the authentic Greek party, I should perhaps clarify what Mezedes actually is. Meze, Mezes or Mezedes means "treat" or "delicious snack" and in its true meaning are small delicious treats that you eat as a starter, typically with references to the main course you will have later. If you want whole roasted lamb for the main course, the small delicacies preferably consist of lamb that is cut from the grill along the way (lamb tenderloin or some meatballs of some kind, made of minced lamb). Today, however, it is more of a multitude of different small dishes and treats that make up the whole dinner, and Ouzo, Raki, wine or beer are also drunk. Mezes are basically the same as Spanish Tapas, but the dishes are very different.

At such a Greek evening, there is of course also live Greek music, preferably from one or more musicians who, with the traditional Bouzuki, create just the right atmosphere. When the Greeks themselves celebrate in this way, the dance usually breaks out quite spontaneously, and as the Greek folk dance prescribes, it is always the men who start the dance, to show their manliness and strength towards the ladies. There are many different folk dances such as fire dance, where the men feel in a ring of fire on the floor, the so-called plate dance, where the plates are smashed against the floor and all other dances where the men challenge each other in the dance, until you take the ladies along in the obligatory Zorba. There is something distinctly masculine in the Greek folk dance, but there is certainly also room for the feminine feminine expression. The highlight is of course when everyone is brought along in the Zorba and dances faster and faster around the circle.

When I write this today, it is simply because I would like to invite you all to an authentic Greek Evening, as it is traditionally held in Greece - the place is just different. In collaboration with Idylidyl and Hem Citizens' Association, we hold a great Greek Night with EVERYTHING that goes with it. Lots of exciting Greek dishes, Mythos and other Greek beers, the classic Retsina and other wines, Greek soft drinks from Gerani, Ouso, Raki and whatever you fancy. Live Greek music like in a tavern in Greece and Greek Zorbadan dancers who will probably get the dancing started. The party is not held to make any profit whatsoever, so there is full value for money. It's just about holding a traditional Greek Evening with the entire pier, where there is room for both adults and children. Just like in Greece.

If you want to know more about the party and maybe secure one or more tickets, hurry up to order, because there are only a limited number of tickets for sale.

Hope to see you at Græsk Aften on 25 May 2019, click here to order a ticket.

Good weekend

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