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Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!
Fortællinger fra Kreta | 29

Tales from Crete | 29

Although Spain still occupies first place as the Danes' favorite holiday country, Greece is now firmly in fourth place, only surpassed by Germany and Italy. The Danes have simply become more and more enamored with the irresistible Greek hospitality, the splendid Greek food, the long white sandy beaches and the almost always fantastic summer weather.

If you talk about the actual destinations of the summer holidays, and thus not countries, Spain and Mallorca are still in first place, but in second place is Crete, which is visited annually by 300-350,000 Danes, so it is good enough; the Danes love both Crete and all the other Greek holiday destinations.

And when you have just been out on the terrace in the good weather and discovered that my large but lonely vine has just put out its first shoots, and it is now only a matter of a month before the terrace is fully covered again with the leaves of the grape plant, I automatically think of some of the beautiful places in Crete where I like to sit and eat with the bunches of grapes hanging over the table. Over the years, I have tried to create the same atmosphere at home on the terrace, and it has actually exceeded all expectations. The single plant bears around 100 large bunches of the most beautiful sweet and stoneless grapes - far more than we can reach and consume ourselves. But then it's good that you can also please others with them, but it's not the same as sitting on your own terrace, even if it is both decorated with the characteristic blue furniture and with various decorative items from Crete. There is now a different mood and atmosphere when you sit in short trousers and a light short-sleeved shirt on a summer evening on the terrace in Crete.

Since my wife and I started Elenas almost 7 years ago, we have tried to get a lot of the delicious Greek products to Denmark so that everyone, even those who do not go to Greece themselves, can enjoy them and it is still an almost inexhaustible treasury. Today, as you know, it is our son Victor who manages the business and this has only provided even more opportunities. Because it is clear that he and his generation do not necessarily have exactly the same preferences for what is good and perhaps not so good. After all, taste and pleasure are different - and it's only good the same. So far, this has meant that we at Elenas have only got even more different and exciting products on the shelves, which appeal to both the younger and the older generation. I can also reveal that this summer there will be a new and absolutely fantastic product on the market within drinks, which I think everyone will be delighted with. Of course, I don't want to say what it is, because I've got a muzzle on, but if you come by our store on Saturday 20 April, when we're again holding "Greek Easter" with grilled lamb, tastings and all sorts of crazy offers, you can it is thought that you/you will have the opportunity to taste like the very first ones here at home.

Well, now I can be happy that Elena's, with Victor at the helm, is in safe hands and that in a few weeks I will be on my way to Crete, to welcome our first group of guests down there in Elena's Group Travel.

Hope you all have a really nice weekend.

Tales from Crete | Elena's - The taste of Greece

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