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Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!
Fortællinger fra Kreta | 43

Tales from Crete | 43

When I write these posts on my blog week after week, I often think about whose sake I actually sit and write. I know I have so many stories and experiences, but how interesting they really are. I mean, for my own part, it's just a part of myself, and not something I think deeply about on a daily basis, so maybe it's just a pronounced ego. But between all these thoughts, I tend to end up thinking about something I had otherwise forgotten, and then I feel like writing it down. It has gradually become a kind of therapy for me. But it was actually not my idea to start this blog at all. It was my son Victor who at one point asked if I didn't want my own little space here on our website, where I could write uncensored whatever I wanted, without any thought of it being something for sale. I was given strict instructions that I was not to commercialize it and that it was not to be about anything related to Elena's at all. I honestly didn't like his idea very much, although I very much enjoy writing, but I couldn't see what joy others should get from reading these stories. But as most parents probably do from time to time, I gave in and agreed to write a little, just to try it out. I've been doing that for a year now, and maybe that's why the thoughts arise, whether it's for my own sake, for my son's sake, and whether there is anyone at all interested in my stories. So for the last time here, my thoughts have been on shutting down the blog and stopping my endless writing about Crete, Greek culture, travel and whatever else I've come up with.

Similar to my very first post, I am currently sitting at the computer while the rain pours down outside. Good thing I just managed to finish cutting the withered roses from the many rose bushes we have standing out in the garden. It has almost also taken most of the day. No, I think I'll keep writing, because now you have to listen here. Recently, my wife and I were at a summer party at her work and I think that's what happened that made the difference. I didn't know very many of the people present, and was kind of sitting by myself, when suddenly a colleague of my wife came up to me and said that she was an avid reader of my blog and looked forward to it every week until Friday, so there was a new tale. Well, that's exactly what it's all about. If you can please others by writing about something that is on your mind, then it would be crazy to stop writing. There must be a bit of Philotimo in me, because I would rather please others. Now as I sit and look through my previous posts and see how many people read them, I can see that there is apparently a regular crowd that follows the blog and that of course makes me happy to that extent. So happy that I completely forget about the rumble on the roof and the window. On the other hand, it also makes me a little embarrassed, because I can also see that there are people among you readers who have commented and asked about various things without me having answered. My best, only and probably worst excuse is that I had no idea you could do this kind of thing. But we all get wiser with age (or do we?). I guess wisdom has no direct correlation with age unlike experience, and that is something else entirely. With a baptismal certificate dated in 1955, you are old enough to have some experience, but I don't think I have become particularly wiser for that reason. It actually also lies in having a bit of Philotimo in you, because with experience, whether it's a good one of its kind or a bad one for that matter, you can lean on something you've already tried and evaluate and act on it that, and it makes good sense. Because as the Cretans would say: "It doesn't take cleverness to find out how far you can go with a donkey, but with experience you know."

Have a good day out there and enjoy the lovely summer weather that has finally arrived in Denmark and pushed the rain away.

See you in a week :-)

Tales from Crete | Elena's - The taste of Greece

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ANNETTE HANSEN - August 8, 2019

Fantastiske fortællinger, der giver mine dage en ekstra kvalitet. TAK af hele mit hjerte 💚🌍❤

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