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Fortællinger fra Kreta | 45

Tales from Crete | 45

And now to something completely different…

I can't remember who it was who always said that, but I remember that there was a TV program (probably from the time when there was only DR1) where the host always said that. Maybe one of you readers can remember who it was?

Well, that's something completely different I want to tell you, because today I simply want to make an advertisement, and it's not just for one of the many Greek suppliers we have in the store. For that matter, nothing specifically about Crete either, but the story here is written while I am sitting over a cup of coffee on our terrace in Crete and enjoying the fact that it is still only 29 degrees, because it should get reasonably warm during the days . But then it's great that the wife and I are going for a trip to the Botanic Garden and afterwards to Drakona and have lunch.

I'm going to do some advertising for Louis Nielsen (you know the ones with the glasses). In my eyes, they make some catchy and funny commercials, but what about the quality of their products. Yes, yes, there is certainly nothing wrong with that either. Many years ago, I reluctantly went to Louis Nielsen to have my vision checked. I thought I had a little difficulty reading and seeing the screen here, which I use every single day. And yes, of course I needed glasses. I could easily see far (note clearly) without glasses, but I had difficulty watching TV from a distance, watching the screen and reading (well, I guess I already wrote that). I had to get some glasses with a sliding transition, so I got that. However, they didn't suit me at all, because if I wasn't already a pimp in the head, the glasses would probably do their part to make me one. So it was changed to 3 different glasses, which I could then switch between according to what I needed. So depending on what I'm doing now, it's a constant change of glasses and I always have at least 2 pairs of different strength with me. It's a little (read: a lot ) impractical, but I've gotten used to it over the years. I've also gotten used to always looking for my glasses, because they're never where I think I put them. I actually think they have their very own anonymous life when they are in their pockets and agree where to hide from me. It has been like that for many years and I have accepted that. But the worst is when the 2 couples have gone into a clinch with each other and do their usual stunt of getting tangled up in each other. The problem is that I have to use one pair to find the other, unless they are 3-4 meters away from the TV, then I can find them with the third pair, if I also have them with me. But think about it, it's something I'm exposed to every single day, and which regularly ends up with glasses (both pairs) smoking on the floor when I have to unwrap them again. This is where the advertising comes in, because so far the glasses have held up to all the hardships and the hard driving they have had without breaking. I actually think that Louis Nielsen should talk a little more about this in their advertisements, because it is of great importance to me, and perhaps to others as well.

As I started writing, it has nothing to do with Crete. The only connection is that the story here was written while the wife and I are on holiday in Crete and that the glasses do the same tricks down here as they do at home.

We managed to get the glasses unwound - otherwise you would have had no story today :-)

Have a really nice weekend and remember that even the smallest smile over the smallest thing can have the greatest meaning for you to have a good day.


  1. I wonder if I will get a pair of new glasses free of charge from Louis Nielsen next time, with such an advertisement :-)

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