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Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!
Fortællinger fra Kreta | 5

Tales from Crete | 5

I don't know about the rest of you reading this but I feel like every time I come home from Crete I long to get back there.

It's not just the food, the atmosphere, the warmth, the hospitality and whatever else you can highlight, but it's just coming back - it's like my second home. If you talk to others about their holiday habits, it is often the case that they think the only right thing about holidaying is experiencing new places, seeing new things and getting new impressions. Well, I think I do that myself, even though I always end up in the same place, namely on Crete. Because Crete is a bit like an inexhaustible island in terms of possibilities and you can always experience something new if that is what you are looking for.

Before, I was probably also of the same opinion, i.e. that you should try to go to different places, but that was before I found out for myself that Crete has everything that I want. My brother had a habit of going to the same place when he went on holiday and I remember asking him myself if it wasn't boring to always go to the same small town in Spain where he had found his second home. But he didn't think so, and several years passed before I myself realized that it was also the kind of holiday I took and still like the most, although in Crete instead of Spain. But on the other hand, there are also many who have a holiday home and go there time and time again, or they have a caravan and roll off to the same campsite and pitch again and again. The conclusion is probably just that we are different and of course there must be room for that.

But when you sit here on a lovely warm October day and see the sun shining from a cloudless sky, it pulls you well enough to come "home" to Crete. It's just such a shame that virtually all travel companies and flight routes to Crete with direct departures from Denmark stop flying in just a few weeks, which makes it somewhat more difficult and expensive to get there over the winter.

I wonder if there are many who would like to go down and experience the olive harvest in November, maybe spend Christmas in Crete and just enjoy life and a week away from the Danish winter, or am I the only Dane who wants that?

Did you know that there is only a 2-3 degree difference between the winter weather on Crete and Gran Canaria and that the bathing water in November is around 21 degrees in Crete and in December, 18-19 degrees and 16-18 degrees in January and February. So the same temperature as the bathing water in Denmark is on average in the hottest months of July and August? So why the hell hasn't anyone got together to organize winter trips to Crete with direct flights from Denmark?

Let me know what YOU think. Write a comment in the field below if you would also like to take a trip to Crete in winter and please elaborate. It would be conceivable that we could then put pressure on some airlines and get a fixed connection established. For hotels, there is plenty to choose from throughout the winter and they are very willing to make some advantageous deals during that period.

Well, I'm so excited to hear what you think J

Have a really nice mild October day and remember to enjoy every second.

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Pia langsted - August 8, 2019

Læser igen fortællinger fra Kreta.
Min mand og jeg et hvert år på Kreta, Chania, i maj, og taler hver gang om hvordan der er om vinteren.
Når vi taler med de lokale, siger de at der er lidt tomt, at meget er lukket. Men vi vil stadig gerne prøve at opleve det.
Mvh Pia

Henrik Krogh - October 16, 2018

Jo, Kreta om vinteren ville vist være ganske skønt.
Vi var på Porto Santo sidste jul, og det var heller ikke ringe. Men badevandet er vist lidt varmere omkring Kreta.. 😊

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