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Fortællinger fra Kreta | 80

Tales from Crete | 80

A little late this Friday with today's story, but it's now because I can sometimes get so excited furiously. Maybe it's the unconscious Greek genes that come to the fore, or it's just because I've hung out a little too much with Cretans in particular.

What can make my mind boil is when you simultaneously demean the Cretans by putting them in a box, like some who can't really fend for themselves and at the same time saying that Crete is the best place in the world to vacation. Yes, I also think that Crete is the absolute best place to vacation and otherwise stay, but the Cretans are not poor as some express it on various Facebook groups. Some (mainly Norwegians and Swedes) even make collections for the Cretans with used clothes, canned goods and other things that they cannot use themselves, Myseost from Norway, Surströmming from Sweden and what do I know. In my eyes, it is completely out of place and shows more of people's lack of insight into the Cretan people. Cretans are an incredibly independent and proud people and they not only want to fend for themselves, they can also do without alms and misunderstood kindness from tourists who maybe come there one week a year.

Recently, there have been a number of posts about what a shame it is for the Cretans with the Corona crisis that is ravaging the whole world. Yes, it's a shame, but they manage far better in Crete than in so many other places, because they know adversity and know what it takes to get back on top. That is why it actually often hurts more than it helps when you want to donate everything you can to the "poor Cretans", but they are not poor. They are richer than most of us in everything that is most valuable in this life, family, togetherness, honor, credibility and I could go on. The Cretans live to eat, so to speak - they don't eat to live, and what they eat is much healthier than both Myseost and Surströmming and also tastes better, I would personally add.

Normally Crete has the seasonal hotels open for 6 months of the year. This year it will most likely be only 3 months and in addition there will continue to be entry bans from several countries, just as there will be restrictions that all travelers must have a Corona passport, as proof that they have tested negative for the Corona virus. I honestly think that is very reasonable, especially considering the small number of infected people in Crete. But then I get furious again when the same people who think it's such a shame for the "poor Cretans" suddenly think it's a good thing that they now have to pay their doctor for a Corona passport, just to be there for one week.

If that is really the attitude you have towards Cretans, I think it is better that you stay at home in your own country and eat Surstömming and Myseost all summer long.

My unreserved apology to those who love these Nordic specialties and a very good weekend to you all.

Tales from Crete | Elena's - The taste of Greece

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Pia Langsted - April 29, 2020

Tak for mange gode fredagsartikler.
Jeg ser frem til igen at besøge Kreta, Chania. Har desværre fået aflyst 14 dage i maj, men der venter en tur i oktober.
Og så har vi fået erstattet alt denne maj til maj 2021.
Vi kommer tilbage🌞😘

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