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Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!
15 Rigtige | Restauranter på Kreta

15 Real | Restaurants in Crete

Romeo's Family Restaurant

When Pantelis and Petrula started Romeos Family Restaurant in 1992, it was one of the first taverns to be built as an actual restaurant in Agia Marina with a view directly down to the water and far to the west (8km) in relation to Chania city. Today, it is the son Manthos and his wife Eleftheria who run the restaurant, but still with an eye for it to be a place for the whole family. There is a pleasant atmosphere and always good atmosphere and service. The prices are very reasonable and the quality is fine. It is always fresh and well prepared and there is enough to fill you up without the plate being overcrowded with food that you can't fight your way through anyway. Romeo's Family Restaurant is Elena's Group Travel's most used restaurant.

Tripadvisor gives 4.5 stars based on 164 reviews

Romeo's Family Taverna


While some tavernas are gradually renewing their menu and making it more modern, other tavernas like Arhondiko stick to traditional Greek. At Arhondiko, there is neither fine nor modern furniture and certainly nothing has been done with interior design. You are simply sitting in a garden where the surface is more compacted earth than the lawn it probably once was, and of course you are sitting on the classic Greek wooden chairs with wicker seats, which are not exactly the most comfortable, but which just belong to it kind of places. But the food, the atmosphere and the service are both authentic and top notch, which is also clearly seen in the few cats that are well-nourished in the hope that you will "get to" drop a small bite on the ground. If you like T-bones, burgers or finer culinary dishes, this is the wrong place to have your dinner. If, on the other hand, you are into old Crete and the traditional cuisine, it is fantastic, which can also be seen from the many 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor. In fact, Arhondiko is number 4 on TripAdvisor's list of places to eat in Agia Marina. So finally visit Christos, who owns the place, if you want to go back in time 20-25 years and have something from traditional Greek cuisine.

Tripadvisor gives 5 stars based on 484 reviews


It is not so many years since Giorges opened "Meraki", which is slightly up against the old Agia Marina, but within walking distance of the coastal road. Here you can sit and enjoy the evening sun setting behind Rodopou with a view of Theodorou for an enchanting dinner. "Meraki" is known for its particularly tasty meat dishes and has, among other things, roast lamb on the menu every day (pre-order required) and live music every Wednesday and Saturday. In addition, "Meraki" has an exquisite wine list with exciting local wines and extremely experienced service. When we in Elena's Group Travels have a trip to Crete, "Meraki" is one of the places we eat, because it is simply top notch every time.

Tripadvisor gives 4.5 stars based on 712 reviews


Third Eye

If you want a bit of variety and very atypical Greek food, "Third Eye" is the place. Not least if you are a vegetarian, because there are only vegetarian dishes on the menu and they have not made anything else for the last 25 years. Every morning, New Zealander Caroline (who started "Third Eye" together with her husband Efhitis) picks up fresh fruit and vegetables and during the morning begins to prepare the dishes that will be on the menu later in the day and in the evening. Everything is made by hand, from scratch, and there are many vegetables that are peeled every day with an ordinary potato peeler. But every single day Caroline also conjures up one exciting tasty vegetarian dish after another. A good tip (if you don't know exactly what to choose) is to let your son Luke, who today runs "Third Eye", choose something a little different for you, so you get the best of the best.

Tripadvisor gives 4.0 stars based on 352 reviews  

Third Eye Paleochora

MeNou Kai Krasi

One of the Greeks' favorite favorite places to enjoy themselves on Sundays or take a holiday is the stretch of Nea Chora, which has both a magnificent beach and a promenade where the tavernas are side by side. This is where you will find some of the best fish restaurants in Chania, where the fishermen come daily and sell their catch directly to the individual taverns. It can hardly get fresher. MeNou Kai Krasi means "With soul and wine" and they live up to that name very well, regardless of whether you are for fish dishes or something else. Their lamb chops are usually large, delicious and juicy, and then they have a spicy chicken schnitzel which can definitely be recommended. You can sit inside or out along the seafront as you like and enjoy the atmosphere and live music every night.

Tripadvisor gives 4.5 stars based on 447 reviews

MeNou Kai Krasi

Dounias Taverna

You have to be careful if you want to eat at Dounias in Drakona and you only get there by car or taxi. It is also advisable to take the direct road out there from Chania if you do not want to drive on too small and next to impassable roads. It is clearly easiest to use GPS to find your way there. It is only open during the day until 18:00, but it is also an advantage to drive back while it is still light. The food and the place are a chapter in themselves. They only have slow cooking, so you have to expect a bit of a wait, but once the food arrives, you know why it was worth waiting for. There are 4 fixed menus to choose from every day, all simmered in clay pots under an open fire from the morning, and you can easily get 2 half portions instead of one. It is probably one of the most primitive and authentic restaurants on Crete and there is nothing fancy about it. But the food, on the other hand, is some of the best that can be found in Crete and it is also not very expensive. On Elena's Group Travel trips, the highlight is when we go out to eat. An experience you will never forget.

Tripadvisor gives 5.0 stars based on 980 reviews 

Dounias Taverna

Two Xani

In the middle of the Venetian part of Chania's Old Town, in a backyard with the Synagogue as its nearest neighbor, To Xani is found. You can easily recognize Dimitris, who owns the place, by his gray hair, small ponytail and usually with a flower or a tuft of parsley behind his ear. Dimitris makes sure that you feel at home and comfortable when you are there, and you do. Because the whole family is involved in the day-to-day life at To Xani. His wife runs the kitchen with a hard but loving hand, his son, his two daughters, daughter-in-law and two sons-in-law are in charge of the service, where nothing is left to chance. Dimitris also makes a point of explaining that the dishes served are all old Chania dishes as opposed to Cretan dishes. How big the difference really is, you have to decide for yourself, but it is impossible to highlight one dish over another on the menu card, because they are all fantastic, and if you want something that is not exactly on the menu card, you just have to say that, then they do what they can to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience and get what you want. One idea might be to let Dimitris choose the menu for you. It is not without reason that To Xani ranks among the absolute best Greek restaurants in Crete. Table reservation necessary in the evening.

Tripadvisor gives 4.5 stars based on 1874 reviews.

Two Xani

Laganon Fresh Pasta

Even if you are an inveterate lover of Crete and crazy about Greek food, you can also sometimes feel like something else, such as a good pasta. Laganon Fresh Pasta is a relatively new restaurant specializing in pasta dishes, but they are also really good at that. It is a modern restaurant where you order the food, where you choose the type of pasta, sauces, meat, etc., pay and pick it up yourself when the food is ready. It's not the big menu you have, but what's on the card is, on the other hand, fine. Can be recommended as both a delicious Italian dinner or lunch. You will find Laganon Fresh Pasta on Daskalogianni Str. Right near the marina in Chania. A much-used eating place for the young.   

Tripadvisor gives 4.5 stars based on 510 reviews

Laganon Fresh Pasta

Veneto-Ristorante Italiano

Adi Nova, who owns Veneto-Ristorante Italiano, is neither Greek nor Italian, and if he had to choose, he would unconditionally answer "Italian". He is all things Italian. He loves the great Italian operas, the Italian art and culture, the Italian cuisine, Italian wine, Italian cars and, in general, everything that just has a touch of Italy about it. What is he actually doing in Crete, you might ask yourself. Yes, of course he has a real Italian restaurant and he is so dedicated to perfection in everything that goes on in the restaurant. Take your time if you want to visit Adi and enjoy the experience and the sublime Italian dishes in peace and quiet in a romantic atmosphere that brings to mind Lady and the Tramp. Try e.g. a stone-oven pizza at Veneto – there's nothing fast food about it. It is made from scratch with fresh ingredients, great passion and a lot of love. Just like an Italian pizza should be.

Tripadvisor gives 4.0 stars based on 470 reviews

Veneto Ristorante

The Well of the Turk

Of course, you will find "The well of the Turk" in the Turkish quarter in Chania's old town, and yes, it is to that extent well-prepared and tasty Turkish dishes served by the very lively Turkish staff. Greek cuisine has, for good reasons, been heavily influenced by Turkish cuisine, and yet there is such an incredible difference. The Well and the Turk have a versatile menu with many exciting temptations, so here it is definitely recommended to share some different dishes, so that you get to taste a bit of everything, which can sit and enjoy yourself for a long time. If you are more into beer than wine, it is recommended to order a draft beer, which is an unfiltered Harma, served in an ice-cold glass.

Tripadvisor gives 4.5 stars based on 631 reviews

The Well of the Turk

Tamam Restaurant

Tamam, located at Zampeliou 51 (the busiest pedestrian street in Chania) is located at the narrowest point of the entire strait. Therefore, there are also only 2-person tables outside, but if there are more of you, you can sit inside. Tamam was established in 1982 by Markos and Eva in a historic building from the 15th century and has since the beginning stuck to the style of their menus, which is a mix of traditional Greek dishes influenced with inspiration from the Middle East. They don't have a particularly large menu, but filled with one delicious dish after another. For lunch or a starter, it is recommended to take a "Tamam" salad, which is finely chopped lettuce and vegetables with guacamole and nuts. If you want to enjoy your dinner right in the middle of the throng of people who pass by and help make the atmosphere and experience complete, try visiting Tamam (which is precisely the Turkish word for complete). Table reservation required all days for evening service. 

Even during the day, it can be difficult to get a seat outside.

Tripadvisor gives 4.5 stars based on 4242 reviews

Ok Chania

Steki Restaurant Taverna

In general, it is not advisable to go in where the "Caller" (the person standing outside the restaurant) is the most persistent and has learned a few phrases in a lot of different languages. If you pass by Steki, you may well run the risk of a handsome man standing outside and saying in Danish: "Dav, my name is Johnny." May I show you our menu?” - and then it's hard to say no. Johnny doesn't actually speak Danish, but what he can do, he does well, and you will be "lured" in anyway. But having said that, Steki is actually a really good bet for a traditional Greek restaurant with tasty food, right in the middle of the old town of Chania, close to everything, and their Grilled Feta as a starter is a gem that can be highly recommended.

Tripadvisor gives 4.5 stars based on 543 reviews

Steak Restaurant

Achillea's Fish Taverna

At the (western) end of Nea Chora you will find Achilleas Fish Taverna. During the day, octopuses are hung to dry on a clothesline hung with old clothespins. In the evening, it is full of Greeks, a high atmosphere and a lot of talk across the tables. Achillas is the epitome of a traditional Greek fish tavern and the quality is top notch. Here, too, it is a virtue to take your time, because in the course of an evening, several plates of different fish dishes are laid out on the counter. Especially as a tourist, it may seem impossible to get a seat if you arrive after 20:00, but with their characteristic Cretan hospitality, it always succeeds anyway. Then a table is fetched and set up somewhere, or some of the guests are asked to move together so that there is room for a few more. And table reservation? - no, it is not something you use at Achilleas.

Tripadvisor gives 4.5 stars based on 292 reviews


Manousakis Winery

Manousakis, the producer behind the Nostos brand, which is one of the absolute best Cretan wines, but also among the top of all Greek wines, is naturally best known for their wine.
Nevertheless, in recent years they have done as much as possible to scale their wine production in new and larger premises, as well as creating the most beautiful surroundings around and at the vineyard.
If you pay them a visit in Vatolakkos, you will not only have a wine tasting of their exquisite organic wines, you will be able to eat e.g. some delicious fresh dolmas for lunch or a delicious dinner, while you can sit back in their completely irresistible surroundings and completely relax in the true Greek way.

Tripadvisor gives 5.0 stars based on 461 reviews

Manousakis Winery Crete


Two Staxi

Most people associate Crete with sun, summer and heat and a nice dinner at an outdoor restaurant. But in winter, when the snow wraps the mountains in a big white blanket, of course you eat inside. To Staxi in Katochori is a classic family-run indoor restaurant, with all the delicious specialties you only get when you move away from the tourist areas. This is where the Cretans themselves go and have their Sunday lunch and meet with friends and family, and it is one of the most authentic things you can experience as a tourist in Crete. The fact that the food is also both sumptuous, extremely tasty and very cheap does not make the experience any worse.

Tripadvisor gives 5.0 stars based on 26 reviews

Two Staxi / Stachy Crete

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