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Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!
Fortælling om Ouzo

Tale of Ouzo

Many years ago in 1856 in the Greek region, Tirnavos, a gentleman named Nikolaos Katsaros found a special recipe for something new in Greece.
He decided to keep the recipe a secret, and thus began to sell this new type of drink, which was unknown worldwide.
This drink was called Ouzo.
Although many believe that Ouzo originates from Lesvos, as mentioned, it originally originates from Tirnavos. This is due to the large production of Ouzo on Lesvos, which is also the location for most well-known brands within Ouzo.
Tirnavos is the second largest town in the Larissa region after Larissa, and has a pleasant location near the mountains.
Ouzo has quickly been recognized in several places as the Greek National Drink, and although there are still divided opinions about the above claim, there is no doubt about the unique taste of Anise.
Ouzo has a certain pleasant taste of Anise, which can be compared a bit to an Italian Sambuca.
One of the things that Ouzo is also known for is that it actually changes color to completely white if you pour water into your glass with Ouzo. This is also an extremely popular way to drink it.
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kurt holm thomsen - October 25, 2021

Mit kendskab til Ouzo stammer helt tilbage til Sommeren 1970,da jeg var på Cypern som soldat. Da fik vi, at vide, at det kunne gøre en blind. Jeg faldt for Anissmagen og har nydt denne Græske Gudevand lige siden.(Har pt ikke mistet synet).

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