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Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!


Made on the previously mentioned Tsikoudia, Rakomelo is a little side-step to the classic brandy.
Because if you mix a Cretan thyme honey in your Tsikoudia, you get a slightly sweeter version from the brandy called Rakomelo ( meli is honey in Greek).

A drink that definitely originates from Crete, Rakomelo is the product that arises when you want to use alcohol medicinally, as it was intended for, before it became a drink for pleasure as well.

Can be enjoyed cold, as you typically do with Tsikoudia, Rakomelo can also be drunk hot, as in traditional times Tsikoudia was heated and then honey and other herbs, as well as spices, were added to obtain a remedy that could help a bad throat and further.

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