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Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!
Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!
Forårsturen (Kreta) 2019

The spring trip (Crete) 2019

At the Triada Monastery (located on Akrotiri in northern Crete), one of the most important buildings of the Cretan Renaissance, one of the three domes adorning the incredibly beautiful opulent church is dedicated to Zoodochos Pigi (The Life-Giving Spring) and the is exactly what we are going to experience on this spring trip, where the snow above the Omalos mountain melts and quietly provides water and nourishment to all the vegetation, which is otherwise semi-dry and withered throughout the summer. Spring is also incredibly important for the 32 million olive trees that are estimated to be in Crete, so that they can blossom and produce their fruit for the fantastically tasty and healthy olive oil, which is one of the Cretans' biggest sources of income.

But also the many citrus trees and grapes must use the water from the mountains in order to grow and yield. At the beginning of May, when the Spring Tour takes place, we get to experience Crete as "the green island" , as the Cretans themselves call Crete during that particular period.

Of course, we also go on a lot of excursions on the Spring Tour, all of which focus on "the life-giving spring", because it's not just the vegetation that matters. Zoodochos Pigi is also about the light and warmth of spring, which gives us humans strength and power and inspires us with hope and courage for the time to come. We all know it well from home. Spring is something very special - you automatically get in a good mood and a good mood and if you are one of those who suffer from a bit of winter depression, you clearly feel that spring provides energy in abundant quantities. Perhaps this is also why, over time, many more songs have been written about spring than anything else.

On the spring trip, we will also take a trip to the botanical garden on Crete, where everything blooms at that time with the most incredible colors.

Elena's Group Tours' spring tour is for everyone who enjoys getting away before the heat gets too fierce and the island is invaded by sun-hungry tourists who think more about beach holidays than cultural and culinary experiences, although of course you can also easily swim in the month of May on Crete. The spring tour is specially designed for the adult audience. There are no children on the trip and the age range is from around 55 years and up. It is a small group of max. 8 participants, where everyone eats breakfast and dinner together (included in the price), enjoy themselves together and talk to each other. Sometimes it is a bit difficult for our Danish tour guide to get a word in, because the participants very quickly get talking to each other in a really good atmosphere.

During the entire trip, our tour guide is with you and can tell you everything worth knowing about the individual excursion destinations. There are typically excursion(s) every day that you are free to choose from, but there is also a day without excursions and half days along the way, where you can go around on your own if you wish and there will be ample opportunity to satisfy even shopping, if you don't prefer to sit with a cup of Greek coffee and enjoy life - there is room for everything.

The final program for the trip's excursions is only determined once we know the composition of the group, but will typically include trips to:

Botanical Garden
Balos overlooking Gramvoussa
Chania old town and around the Venetian and Turkish quarter
Triada monastery + possibly Gourverneto and Katholiko
The ancient city of Aptera
Wine tasting
Agia Theodori and Lazaretta (boat tour)

Our evening meals, which usually include 2 courses of food and drinks, are at changing restaurants that all have quality and authentic Greek cuisine as a common denominator. If you are into culinary experiences, both this and our other trips to Crete are the right choice.

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