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Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!
Historien om Mythos

The story of Mythos

Mythos is a Greek beer that was introduced in 1997 and has since established itself as one of the most popular beer brands in Greece. The beer is named after "Mythos", which means "myth" or "legend" in Greek, reflecting the history and culture that surrounds Greece.

The story of Mythos beer begins with Henninger Hellas SA, which was founded in 1961. Henninger Hellas was a Greek brewery that produced various types of beer. In 1992, the brewery was taken over by the Greek Boutari Group, which wanted to strengthen its presence on the Greek market.

In 1997, the Boutari Group decided to launch a new beer that could compete with the existing Greek beers. They wanted to create a beer that not only had an excellent taste, but also symbolized Greece's rich cultural heritage and mythology. This was the birth of Mythos beer.

Mythos beer is known for its light and refreshing character. It is a lager beer of the "pilsner" type and is brewed according to traditional brewing methods. The beer is produced using four main ingredients: water, malt, hops and yeast. The exact recipe is, of course, a corporate secret, but Mythos is known for its golden color, fresh flavor and light bitterness.

The name Mythos and the beer's branding are inspired by Greek mythology. Greece is known for its rich collection of myths and legends, and Mythos beer wanted to capture this spirit and pride. The bottle's label and capsule show the recognizable unicorn, which has become the icon of the Greek beer. In the stories of the Greeks there are accounts of the belief that unicorns exist in some parts of India.

Today, Mythos beer has become an iconic Greek brand and is exported to many countries around the world. It is produced by Olympic Brewery SA, which is part of the Carlsberg Group. Olympic Brewery continues to brew the beer in Greece, maintaining the beer's traditional recipe and quality.

Mythos beer has become an important part of Greek beer culture, symbolizing both pride in Greece's heritage and the country's modern identity. It has become a favorite among Greeks and visitors alike, offering a tasting experience accompanied by stories of ancient myths and legends.

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