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Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!
Shake It

Shake It

The delicious cocktail syrups from Shake-it are perfect for all your wonderful drinks and mocktails!

Do you also need to dust off your old cocktail glasses and transform the living room into your very own cocktail bar? so read along here!

Whether you're into the good old Dark and Stormy, the funky Gin Hass or the classic Tequila Sunrise, Shake-it definitely has a drink mixer for you!

You can also try something completely new! How about, for example, Shake-it's very own Strawberry Margarita Cooler or a Passion fruit Martini!?

Shake it makes it even easier to make exclusive cocktails at home! Grab your favorite recipe and the forgotten gin bottles in the cellar and get started!

The classics:

The classic must-have mixers for the well-equipped home bar are lime juice, sugar syrup, Grenadine and Blue Curacao.

With these mixers you can make everything from Cuba Libre, Polar Bear, Mojito, Shirley Temple, Mai Tai, Long Island Ice Tea and many, many more!

In addition to the mixers, you must of course have a good selection of spirits.

By default, it is good to have at least one good Vodka, one dark and one light Rum, one Whiskey and one Gin. From here you can make most things and explore what your taste buds like best. From here, it's great to be able to offer slightly different flavors and qualities of spirits, especially if you're the type who likes their alcohol on the rocks.

The exciting ones:

In addition to the classics, Shake-it has a sea of ​​exciting and innovative cocktail syrups!

For example, try the delicious Rhubarb syrup in a delicious Rhubarb Collins, or the strawberry syrup in a Strawberry Mojito! You will find these drinks and many, many more in Shake-it's own big drinks library! – feel free to use it as your personal drinks bible!

For your shake-it syrups, you must of course also use a little spirit, and here a Cointreau is definitely recommended! The fresh and sweet orange flavor is fantastic in many drinks!

For example, you can make the wonderful Sidecar, which is a simple, ancient and wonderful recipe!

Ouzo is also a great spirit to mix with, as the wonderful anise licorice flavor compliments sweet flavors like raspberry or rhubarb super well!

A good sparkling wine is also good to have if you have to make the largest drink card. With it you can make everything from Mimosa, Bellini, Aperol Spritz or Sparkling Margarita!

Another exciting spirit is the Spanish Licor 43, which is a wonderful vanilla liqueur! Try it in an Irish (Spanish) coffee, or maybe an apple pie shot!

Tequila is also wonderful to make drinks with, although it is mostly known as something you drink with salt and lime. For example, shake-it recommends using tequila to make the beautiful pink drink Paloma, the recipe is also on their website!

Decorations, please!

A drink is not complete without some kind of garnish!

Whether it's an understated lemon peel that delivers both appetizingness and aroma, or it's the whole orchestra with straws, drink umbrella and sparklers you choose, it will definitely give your drink the finishing touch!

You can decorate with everything from fruit, herbs, edible flowers, small cakes, sweets, whipped cream, sugar border, candies, licorice powder... yes, almost everything!

Unleash your creativity and impress with your Insta-worthy drinks! Yamas, Salud, Kanpei and Cheers!

Mocktails – non-alcoholic drinks without compromise!

If you don't drink alcohol for one reason or another, you still shouldn't be cheated of beautiful and attractive drinks!

The term Mocktails covers beautiful, mouth-watering drinks, completely without alcohol!

The flavors are still exciting and enchanting, with wonderful compositions so you have nothing to long for!

In Shake-it's great drinks library you will find countless wonderful Mocktail recipes, and the rest of the internet is also full of them!

For example, try Shake-it's Rhu & Rose Mocktail, which tastes wonderful and intensely of rhubarb and rosemary. Its beautiful pink color is beautifully completed with an aromatic sprig of thyme. Perfect for warm summer evenings!

You can also easily turn classic drinks into mocktails, such as Strawberry Daiquiri or Shirley Temple!

Which glass should I choose?

Which glass you choose is certainly not unimportant, both because of appearance, but also taste and smell!

This phenomenon is quickly discovered with, for example, wine. If you have ever drunk a wine in a beautiful large wine glass and then a small water glass, you will quickly notice the huge difference!

The taste will be more refined and the aromas more prominent in a tall, thin wine glass with curved edges, where in an ordinary water glass it will be heavier and more alcoholic. A world of difference!

There are an incredible number of different types of glasses, and below we will guide you through the most classic ones, as well as which drinks work best with which glass. Get started!

The lowball glass: This glass is a very common drinking glass, which can be used for everything from Whiskey on the rocks to a Bramble, Mojito, Caipirinha or Old Fahioned.

The glass is well suited for drinks with many ingredients, ice cubes and decorations, as it is practical and thicker in the glass. It's great for strong drinks, as the large, wide opening leads the aroma directly to the nose, thereby intensifying the taste!

The Highball glass: The tall cousin of the Lowball glass, the Highball, is ideal for mixed drinks that need to be kept cold and filled with fizz for a longer time, such as Tom Collins, Gin Fizz, Dark n'Stormy or Cuba Libre. It's also classic to use for a Bloody Mary!

This makes the glass super good due to the high profile and small surface area, so the evaporation of the bubbles happens more slowly and the ice cubes are kept submerged in the drink. And on top of that, there is still room for lots of decorations!

The Martini Glass: The iconic Martini glass is beautiful and elegant, perfect for Martini! But in addition to that, it is also suitable for other straight-up drinks (i.e. without ice cubes), such as a Sidecar, Cosmopolitan or White Lady.

The long thin stem means that you will not warm the drink with your warm hands, which is especially important when it is served without ice. The wide opening also makes the aroma unavoidable when you take a sip, while the design gives just the right, exclusive look. Beautiful!

The Coupe Glass: This glass is very similar to the Martini glass, but it has a small indentation at the bottom, so it is much easier to handle without spilling!

The coupe glass is also known as a Champagne bowl, although it is less desirable for good champagne, as the wide opening makes the bubbles disappear faster. On the other hand, this glass is great for frozen drinks like Strawberry Daiquri or Frozen Margarita, as it has the same properties to keep drinks cool as the Martini glass! Therefore, it can also be seen as a more practical competitor when it comes to straight up drinks and strained drinks, such as Espresso Martini!

The balloon glass: Also known as the G&T glass, is a round glass with a wide opening at the top, and even wider on the "belly" of the glass. It has a small stem that you can hold under the balloon, but not as long and narrow as on a Martini glass. As I said, this glass is perfect for G&T, as it keeps the drink cold while highlighting the wonderful aromas. Unlike the Martini glass, however, there is plenty of room for ice cubes and decorations here!

The Hurricane glass: This tall oblong glass can be seen as a slimmer and taller version of the balon glass. It is typically used for exotic mixed drinks such as Piña Colada, Blue Hawaiian or Mai Tai – and of course the Hurricane drink for which the glass was invented! This glass manages to both keep your mixed drink cold, emphasize aromas with the large opening and house countless drink umbrellas and straws! This glass was invented in the 1940s, and is therefore one of those that came a little later. But that does not make it any less classic in the selection of glass in the bar cabinet!

As you can sense, drinks are not just drinks, but a whole world of creativity, traditions, elegance as well as fun and trouble!

Take your next party to a higher level with Shake-it's wonderful drink syrups and this guide in hand, and you're well on your way!

Whether it's a spontaneous barbecue evening that gets a little extra cozy, or perhaps a date, Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve - or just a random weekend, you have all the information you need here! Should you now need a little extra motivation to get started as well as specific recipes for drinks, we can once again recommend Shake-it's great drinks library!

Cheers from all of us at Elena's!

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