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Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!
Fortællinger fra Kreta | 58

Tales from Crete | 58

However, as time passes in a cheerful layer, it is said. In that case, it has been an incredibly cheerful time since I put the autumn's last group of guests on the plane from Crete home to Denmark, where we had spent a week tasting a lot of lovely Greek wine. At any rate, time has gone by fast, but I wonder if that is also connected with the fact that there has been a lot to do in the shop here in Denmark. First there was an annual report to be completed and then the winter's biggest activity, our annual "Orange Day", had to be planned and launched and at the same time we have been working on a brand new website for Elena's Travels, which actually just today, 8/11- 19 has come into the air, or rather has become visible on the web. I don't have a great understanding of all the technical aspects of such a new website and such, but it's good that there are others who do. I still think it's a bit unreal that you can sit at home at your computer and write something and wupti, then everyone all over the world, who of course has internet access, can see what you've written, comment, share and write back.

The world has changed colossally in the last 50-60 years and it will probably continue to do so. We humans are probably just not wired to be able to understand it all, and it's probably just as well. But when I see my grandchildren surfing the net and communicating with everyone they want, playing games, getting information, watching movies, listening to music and generally using the net as the most natural thing in the world, I can't help but think back to my own childhood. Back then there were no computers, smartphones or mobile phones. There was a typewriter, like an old chopping board where effort had to be put in to press the keys all the way down, so that the individual letters could be mechanically printed on the paper through a ribbon, and there was a bakelite telephone with a rotary dial and a large heavy telephone receiver . I can still remember the special sound it made when you had turned a number and the dial turned back. Yes, those were times J . But we were still very much involved in the latest news at home in my childhood home, because we were the only ones in the family who had a TV, well enough in black and white, where I spent a lot of time watching Otte Leisner in the Record Parade, which was one of the big hits on television. We were also among the first to get a color television, and we gathered about that with both my aunt, uncle and, not least, my grandfather, who actually thought it was a bit silly with the color television, but happily put on his heavy binoculars to get full profit from the television and then sat and complained a bit about my uncle Sven, who liked to fall asleep before the TV program had started and sat and grunted a bit before my grandfather himself fell asleep, snoring loudly and with his binoculars hanging from the corner of his mouth.

Well, I guess that was a completely different story I just got involved in there. Right now, I just think that the next months, or exactly 155 days, must also go a little fast. Because in 155 days I will be in my beloved Crete again to welcome next year's first guests in Elena's Travels, who will come down to experience the Greek Easter, have a lot of experiences and a wonderful holiday. And then it goes on and on with several groups of guests in the spring and throughout the late summer. If you want to go on one of those trips, you can see what we offer in 2020 at and I can guarantee that it will be fun.

Have a nice weekend and remember to enjoy every second so that time doesn't go too fast.

Tales from Crete | Elena's - The taste of Greece

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