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Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!
Fortællinger fra Kreta | 59

Tales from Crete | 59

There is basically nothing particularly Greek or Cretan about my story today, but still a little. Because right now, as I'm writing it, it's a pleasant break from everyday life, which over the last few weeks has been about planning, invoicing and other paperwork in connection with the several tons of sweet and juicy Christmas oranges that are just around the corner waiting to be picked, packed in boxes and sent to Denmark for our annual "Appelsindag" on 7 December.

Every year it is exciting to see where we end up and how many boxes of oranges will go through our small business in Hem on "Apelsindagen". From experience, a lot of people come to the store that day. It has been done every single year and I think we are actually peaking this year with the number of customers and guests who make the pilgrimage to Hem from most of Jutland and even Funen, to pick up their Christmas oranges. Over the years, it has become a tradition for many to start Christmas on the first Saturday in December by visiting Elena's in Hem and bringing home the fresh Christmas oranges from Crete. 

For the past 2-3 years, people have been queuing in front of the store for a long time before we open the doors at 10:00 and the whole Halle family with children, children-in-law and this year also our oldest grandson, are ready to welcome the big move in, and for us it has also been a lovely start to Christmas.

All the while I sit and write my thoughts fly back to Crete and I personally feel that when my thoughts are on Crete, I get such an uncontrollable desire to immediately go back to the beautiful island. But that will have to wait a little longer, because our first trip down there with Elena's Travels isn't until just after our Danish Easter. I am going down there again with a group of guests to celebrate the Greek Easter. Then it goes back and forth with several trips throughout the year until it is back to planning Christmas oranges in 2020 and everything that entails.

On the trips I've had the pleasure of being a tour guide here in 2019, several people have asked if we couldn't do a "Single trip" down there. We have taken note of that, so if you are single, in autumn 2020 there is an obvious opportunity to come to Crete together with other singles and have an unforgettable holiday experience guaranteed. If you just meet your soul mate on such a trip, there is no guarantee and it is not what is planned at all, but it is absolutely certain that you will meet others who have the same passion for Greece or Crete in particular , which you probably have yourself. But even if you are single, there is naturally also room for you on all our other trips and there is a lot to look forward to on the trips we have now posted on our website. The only thing you have to pay particular attention to when going with Elena's Group Travels and me to Crete is that it can be highly addictive, so before you know it, you too are sitting at home on a gray and cold November day and dreaming of going back to Crete.

Maybe we'll see you in Crete

Have a wonderful weekend.

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