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Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!
Tsikoudia / Tsipouro

Tsikoudia / Tsipouro

For most, the picture will make more sense than the name, because in everyday speech Tsikoudia or Tsipouro goes by the name Raki, and is something most people have become familiar with if they have been on a trip to Crete, or have acquaintances who have been on the beautiful island. Here Raki is locally called Tsikoudia, where the Tsipouro name is used by the rest of Greece.

The Greek brandy at its typical 40% vol. (can be up to 65%) is distilled from grapes from the residual production of wine, which will help to give it its slightly fruity notes.

The name Raki originates from the Middle East, and the name is very widespread in Greece due to Turkey's earlier incursion into the country.
Here the Turks found out that their own brandy, called Raki, was very similar to the Cretan Tsikoudia, which is why they started calling it Raki instead - however, the Turkish version of Raki is still a brandy, just with anise added, which is why there can sometimes be doubts that Ouzo is Raki and vice versa if you have been to Turkey and subsequently travel to Greece.

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