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Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!
Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!
Græsk Frappe

Greek Frappe

Have you ever tasted a cold, frothy frappe on a hot summer day?

If not, then you have missed something!

Frappe is a classic in Greece, where the locals like to enjoy it somewhere in the sun with friends and family. It can be made black, sweet or with milk, so there is something for every taste!
The preparation is simple, and you can be video-guided step-by-step by Victor from Elenas on our YouTube channel right here .

If you prefer written instructions, read along below!

The ingredients are few and they can all be bought on our website.
Depending on desire and taste buds, it can be made as a "Sketos" (black coffee), "Metrios" which is medium sweet, or the completely sweet "Glykos" version which will please any sugar pig.
If you add NOYNOY concentrated milk, you will have made a "Me gala", which means "with milk".

Last but not least, you can make a caffeine-free version with NESCAFE Frappe decaffeinated instant coffee . This is your excuse to sip the delicious creamy coffee at any time of the day!


NOYNOY Concentrated milk
Cold water
Ice cubes


  1. Start by adding the desired amount of NESCAFE Frappe coffee, 1-4 teaspoons depending on the strength and size of the serving glass. If you want a sweet version, sugar is added here as well.

    Tip: For medium sweet (metrios) you need the same amount of sugar as NESCAFE Frappe coffee, and for extra sweet (glycos) you need twice as much sugar as NESCAFE Frappe coffee.
  2. Now pour approx. Add 1 dl of cold water, or just so it covers the dry, and froth up with a milk frother. If you don't have one, a blender or a cocktail shaker can also be used.
  3. The coffee will now be light, frothy and creamy. Add ice cubes and top the glass with water.

    Tip: If you want a "Me gala", now is the time to add a little NOYNOY milk.
Your frappe is now ready! Enjoy cold and preferably with a straw. Bon appetite!
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