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Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!
Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!

Frost-proof jars


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At Elenas, we are proud to be able to present a wide selection of the most beautiful terracotta pots for outdoor use. Our terracotta pots are frost-proof pots in robust quality that you can enjoy for many years, and they are beautiful in the garden and on the terrace both with and without contents. Discover the possibilities here and order your new, frost-proof jars home so that you can find the perfect location for them before long.

What is a frost-proof jar?

A frost-proof jar is, in short, a jar that is extra resistant to frost. Not all jars on the market are frost-proof, and it can quickly cost a jar due to cracks in the ceramic when the jar is left outside over the winter. This is due to rainfall causing water on the bottom of the jar, which then expands when the water freezes into ice.

A frost-proof jar can withstand the low temperatures below freezing, and frost-proof jars are available in many sizes and models here at Elenas. It is very popular with terracotta pots outdoors, which give a southern atmosphere in your outdoor environment, and it is wonderful to have nice pots where your plants can enjoy themselves in the warmer months. Choose from many beautiful jars in frost-proof and timeless designs here, and enjoy the jars year after year.

Buy terracotta pots for outdoor use online at Elenas

Our terracotta pots exude good craftsmanship, where the small details that make each pot unique are really discerning. The frost-proof jars are a hit in the garden or on the terrace, where you can place the jars by themselves or together with other decorative jars that bring life and atmosphere to your outdoor environment. Find your favorites among our frost-proof jars here, and order online with fast delivery today. We offer shipping from DKK 39 or free delivery for purchases over DKK 500.