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Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!

Greek yoghurt


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Greek yogurt is a versatile and protein-rich yogurt that is widely used in Greek cuisine. Greek yogurt has also quickly become popular among the Danes, and we are very proud to present some of the best products within Greek yogurt in our range. Discover the many options here and order Greek yogurt of the highest quality at home.

What is Greek Yogurt?

Most people know Greek yogurt by name, but how does Greek yogurt actually differ from other popular sour milk products such as skir?

The special thing about Greek yogurt is that Greek yogurt is a drained yogurt, where most of the whey has been strained out, which results in an extra thick consistency. Greek yogurt is fattier and less protein-rich than, for example, skir, but it still has a high protein content, typically 8 g of protein per serving. 100 g against Skyr's typical protein content of 11 g protein per 100 g. In addition, there is a high content of lactic acid bacteria, which are really good for your stomach.

How is Greek yogurt used in cooking?

Greek yogurt is a very versatile product, most popularly used as a traditional yogurt and enjoyed for breakfast with, for example, oatmeal, muesli, fruit or fresh berries. Greek yogurt is also used when mixing a classic Greek tzatziki, and Greek yogurt can also be used in baking in a dough for buns, for example. Use it where you would otherwise use other fat sour milk products and enjoy the effect and taste that Greek yogurt gives to the finished result.

Buy Greek yogurt online

There are now many different products on the market within Greek yogurt. If you want the highest quality and the most authentic taste of Greek yogurt, our products from Olympus are just the thing, and we have made it easy for you to buy Greek yogurt online in just the quantities that suit your needs. That way, you never have to compromise and can always have an authentic, Greek product delivered straight to your door.

Choose between Greek yogurt 5% or Greek yogurt 10% with the real taste of Greece. Remember to also take a look at our other products from the Greek kitchen, which bring authentic Greece home to your plates. Treat yourself, family or friends to the best ingredients.