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Spanish Olive Oil


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Good olive oil is indispensable in the Spanish kitchen, and it is used for everything from frying oil, dressing, flavouring, marinade, dipping and topping! You will almost never be able to cook Spanish food without olive oil!

In addition to tasting good, olive oil also has many super healthy properties, and this is one of the reasons why the Mediterranean diet is seen as one of the healthiest in the world! Olive oil is bursting with antioxidants, vitamins and unsaturated fats that help the brain and body function optimally, and it is also said to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, prevent diabetes, help balance hormones and reduce the discomfort of example rheumatoid arthritis. The healthy unsaturated fats can lower bad cholesterol and contribute to rejuvenated skin and beautiful nails as well as shiny, strong hair. There are plenty of good reasons not to skimp on the golden drops!

Which olive varieties are used for olive oil?

Some of the most typical olive varieties used to make olives are the varieties Arberquina, Cornicabra and Picual.

Arberquina is a relatively small olive, which produces a very liquid and mild oil. It is fruity, sweet and almost without bitterness or sharpness. It provides a good all-round olive oil that can be used both as a dressing, as a dip for a good piece of bread or as a topping on wonderful Spanish dishes! It is best eaten unheated. The Arberquina variety originally comes from Catalonia, but is today widely used in most of Spain!

The Cornicabra olive variety got its name because of its resemblance to goat horns, as it has a slightly curved shape and pointed end. In Spanish, goat horn is called Cuerno de cabra . Olive oil made from the green Cornicabra olive is a fruity and aromatic oil, with slight bitterness and notes of apples and olive leaves. It is one of the most cultivated varieties in Spain and you will typically find Cornicabra olive groves in Madrid, Toledo, Badajoz and Ciudad Real.

Picual is a black olive with great personality and great culinary qualities! Oil from Picual olives is quite heat-resistant and stable, which makes it an excellent cooking oil with less bitterness and rancidity, which some olive oils can get when heated. It has a full body as well as light sharpness and a mild aftertaste, which also makes it good to eat raw. The Picual variety is most often grown in the areas of Granada, Cordoba and Jaén, but is also grown in Castilla-La Mancha with great success.

In addition to these classics, there are countless wonderful Spanish olive oils, each with their own fantastic properties! Explore the Spanish olive oil universe and find your favourite!