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Spanish Wine


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Spain accounts for 15% of the world's cultivation of grapes for wine, and is therefore the country in the world that grows the most wine! There are over 600 native varieties of wine grapes in Spain, however 80% of the wine is produced from the 20 most popular varieties. Examples of these varieties could be, for example, Tempranillo, Palomino, Albariño, Macabeo or Monastrell.

Some of the most well-known wine-growing zones are, for example, Rioja, which is known for its beautiful red wines, Ribera del Duero, which is world-renowned for the production of Tempranillo, Rueda, which makes fantastic white wine, or Panades, which makes delicious cava!

Spanish wine is typically drunk with tapas, paella or simply a bowl of beautiful Spanish olives. Strangely enough, Spaniards drink an average of 21 liters of wine per year. person, which is a fairly low amount compared to surrounding countries, and it stands in stark contrast to the impressive amount they produce and the long history of wine in Spanish culture. In return, Spain exports a large amount of wine to the rest of the world, much to the delight of the recipients! Approximately 20% of all Spanish wine is exported to Germany, for example. After this come countries such as England, the USA and France.


Wine isn't just red or white in Spain, and if you've been there, you've surely become familiar with the wonderful Sangria!

Sangria is a refreshing, cool drink typically made with red wine, to which fresh fruit, a form of liqueur or vodka, sparkling water and preferably a cinnamon stick are added to get just the right taste! Sangria can be drunk all year round, but is most often enjoyed in the summer as a cooling refreshment in the baking Spanish heat!

Sangria can be drunk as a drink with some snacks or served with any kind of delicious Spanish dishes, it can be anything from red meat to fish and charcuterie. Everything is allowed!

Sangria got its name because of the beautiful red color, as sangre in Spanish means blood. The story of the origin of Sangria is somewhat uncertain, but a creative suggestion that is sometimes told is the story of some sailors who tried to escape the anti-alcoholism of the time by adding fruit and spices to the wine, to disguise it as juice!

There are also some who say that it was a way to save a bad-tasting red wine, when they discovered that if you added cut fruit and left it for a few days, it tasted better!

No matter which story is true, we can all agree that Sangria tastes great and is incredibly mouth-watering on a hot summer day! Bring the Spanish atmosphere to your Danish summer garden with a beautiful, fruity and ice-cold jug of Sangria. Cheers!


Cava is also a favorite drink in Spain, preferably in the country's finer restaurants or bars. Cava is a sparkling, bubbly white wine of high quality. Cava is actually the same as Champagne, but since the name Champagne is protected, sparkling wine that is not produced in the Champagne region of France is called Cava instead.

Cava can also be compared to the Italian Prosecco, but the difference is that Cava is most often brut, where Prosecco is drier.

All in all, Cava is a wonderful type of wine that can be used to celebrate big events, put the finishing touches on sumptuous dinners or just to enjoy a good wine to toast with on a weekday evening. Yes, please!